When your pain makes it impossible to get through the day,

When your concentration, enjoyment and quality of life are diminished,

When you lose patience with those nearest to you because of your suffering…

Then it is time to seek real help with your painful condition.

Have you been to other pain treatment centers only to find the treatment lacking, with uncaring providers?

Has your provider taken the time to explain the causes and treatment options for your pain?

At the Center for Pain Relief we have the training and resources to help you navigate, manage, and cope with your pain.

At the Center for Pain Relief you will receive the individualized attention by our Board Certified Pain Physician.

At the Center for Pain Relief we feel that it is essential for you to understand your condition, by providing careful and comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services. You will never leave our offices confused because we take the time to explain your condition, and there will always be an understandable treatment plan by the end of your first office visit, which will be aimed at  immediately reducing your pain and getting a good night’s sleep.

We will also work with you over time to optimize your diagnosis and treatment so that you will have a better quality of life, increase your activity level if possible, and hopefully have more satisfying relationships by controlling your pain.

How do we accomplish all this?

Before your first appointment we ask that you bring any pertinent diagnostic information such as previously performed MRI, CT scans, or EMGs. If you have been previously treated by a provider we require a printout of prior medical therapy.

On you first visit you will have a targeted history and physical exam toward the causes of your pain –  the nervous system, joints, and musculoskeletal system. Test results if available will be reviewed with you, and a treatment plan formulated on the basis of your diagnosis.

Treatment generally consists of medical therapy (medications) to decrease pain and promote normal sleep cycles. Laboratory and further diagnostic testing may be ordered. We also are strong proponents of nerve blocks, joint injections, epidural injections, and other interventions in order to target painful areas in the body and decrease pain and inflammation. Other modalities such as physical therapy, aquatherapy, chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture will also be recommended as appropriate. Psychological support may be valuable in treating anxiety, depression, and panic disorders, and PTSD.

What types of pain do you treat? Who is an appropriate patient?

At New Jersey Center for Pain Management we treat pain as a sign of imbalance in the body.

Chronic pain can occur from improper healing following trauma, injury or surgery.

It can also occur with untreated arthritis, diabetes, and certain rheumatological conditions.

Back and neck pain as well as headaches are commonly encountered conditions with multiple causes that require expert diagnosis and treatment.

Nerve injuries and central pain conditions such as MS, post stroke pain, or post amputation pain are conditions that require the attention of a specially trained pain physician.

In short, our philosophy is that if your pain is taking control of your life, you should consider taking your life back.

Your best first step in getting control is to contact New Jersey Center for Pain Relief - TODAY!